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Private Classes

YOGA CLASSES: Private classes are a great way to learn – about yoga, about your body and your breath. Take this as an opportunity to build your practice and your knowledge by asking questions, receiving hands on adjustments and flowing through a class that is 100% about you! There is no perfect time to try a private class – it could be your first class to build confidence before you try a group class. It could be after practicing for a month and you have questions about a pose, an injury or a modification. It could be after years of practice and the desire to take your practice in a new direction – physically or meditatively. Whatever your reasons – talk to your teacher and have them create a class designed specifically for you, your needs, your body and your goals.



  • More Individualized: Private sessions are great if you are looking for some one on one time with our instructors. This time gives the instructor, and you, a chance to get to know your body more personally and in-depth to create a program that is safe, effective and customized speci!cally for you.
  • Detailed Supervision: A private pilates instructor is guaranteed to be with you through your exercises and provide a safe environment for you to work in.
  • Accelerate Faster: By working one on one with the instructor and receiving more detailed instruction than you would in a group class, you will be able to progress at a quicker rate into the advanced exercises. Private Pilates classes are adaptable for everyone no matter your skill level or abilities.
  • Enhance Your Understanding: With one to one instruction you can really learn what it means to strengthen your core, increase your #exibility and improve your posture. All of these things need to be understood before you can reach your balanced body.
  • No Intimidation: Sometimes walking into a group class can be intimidating. You may think that everyone knows more than you do about the machine and the movements than you do. This is most likely not the case, but that feeling of anxiety may be present regardless. With a private class there is no need for comparisons as there is no one else in the room but you and the pilates instructor.



Do something unique for your birthday or bachellorette! Host a yoga party. Private yoga class for you, your family and friends.

Corporate classes

Studio Blue provides customized yoga or pilates programs to you wherever you are, whenever you need it. Regardless of the size or level of experience of your group Studio Blue will consult with your organization to create an experience that will bring the benefits of yoga directly to your office.

Private Lessons

Private classes with any of our instructors can be arranged – usually they last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes depending on your needs. We offer Private Instruction at the studio. We will address any questions, issues or areas of improvement you would like to explore in and around any aspect of your yoga practice.

Events / Wedding 

Our peaceful, urban sanctuary is available to rent outside of our public class schedule. Hold a private class for you and your bridal party before hair and makeup on your big day! Move, breath and melt your stress away in this class designed especially for you!

Schedule A Private
Please email: jessica@studioblue.co to schedule a private class or fill out the following form:

Please ask at the front desk or email jessica@studioblue.co for more details on each of the offerings.