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Holistic Nutrition

A Holistic Nutritionist can help figure out which diet is best for you in today’s complicated food environment. Paleo? Keto? Plant-based? It seems these days there are a million choices and fad diets out there. A Nutritionist can sort through the evidence and look at what’s going to work with your body and your lifestyle to get you feeling your best.

There are many factors affecting food choices such as sleep, stress, mood, and activity level. A Holistic Nutritionist looks at all these aspects and makes lifestyle recommendations as well as diet suggestions.

Our Holistic Nutritionist Heather is a health and lifestyle guru. Her philosophy is small, sustainable changes so you see progress immediately and are motivated to keep moving forward. She has a Master’s of Science and knows everything she suggests is backed by evidence. Her background is in mental health and she specializes in helping those who are stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday 5:30pm - 8:15pm
  • Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm

Summary of Fees

Heather accepts payments in one of three ways: payment at the time of online booking, cash, and credit card payments at the time of treatment.

Booking Options

Meet n’ Greet- 15 minutes FREE

Book this appointment to find out about Heather’s services and what a Holistic Nutritionist can do for you.

Initial Assessment- 60 minutes $120 + hst

Book this appointment to start working with Heather. During this visit you’ll discuss your food intake, lifestyle, sleep habits, stress levels, exercise routine and more. You and Heather will develop a personalized plan of action for the future, and you’ll leave with a few concrete tasks to work on.

Follow-up Appointments- 30 minutes $80 + hst

Book this appointment to check-in with Heather and keep building your momentum. Each appointment will have a new focus, taking a truly holistic approach to your health. Each time you’ll celebrate the wins, discuss any barriers in your way, and leave with more tasks.